Multi Award Winning Short Film – “Hello Again” – 11.30 Minutes

Multi Award Winning Short Film – “Hello Again” – 11.30 Minutes (

English Movie at its best, great concept, great artiste and excellent DOP. Good native accent with amazing Writing.

This shows the closeness of human relationship with the dead.  In some parlance, they (we) dont consider them dead.  A Habit which is normal yet so touching when people talk to their loved ones.

Some great acting along with wonderful writing is treat to eyes and ears.  A touch of Asian / Indian (half) to the story is a great signature by the director.  As the movie completes the “Hello” from Mom gives an Angelic Touch to the closure of the movie.

Love Continues… Hello Again…

Story & Direction – Tom Ruddock

Lead – Jack Brett Anderson / Naomi Scott / Tim Hambley

DOP –  Andy Benjamin



Sathish Sampath