OSCAR WINNING SHORT FILM – “THE CRUSH” – 2010 (14 Min) – (https://youtu.be/zepVWxihAuE)

Starts as a typical sensationlisation of young kids minds when it tones to their behaviour in fantasizing their oedipus attraction.  A Boy fantasize his love to his teacher. (happens to many).  But this goes a step forward when he proposes her giving a ring.  The teacher loves the gesture of kid and teslls him she will always wear the same.

The inevitable happens when the teacher gets engaged to her actual adult fiance.  The grudge gets into the kid.  The portrayal of childish revenge, picturised in a way so grooving that the sequence would go in a way of a lesson on “What you should NOT give a kid”.  But when the truth emerges on the attitude of the person which gets a new revelation for the teacher on/about his fiance, and when the childishness remains.  The viewers are grasped in that moment.  the closure gets well and the child becomes a matured kid in the process.

A great script and a great attempt by the team to potray on how a kiddish gesture from an adult can take a kids mind too far.  Child will remain a child or whoever the surroundings allows them to be.  A great message and an amazing movie to watch.



Sathish Sampath