OSCAR WINNING Animation Short Film – “Changing Batteries” – 5.30Minutes

OSCAR WINNING Animation Short Film – “Changing Batteries” (https://youtu.be/iCWWyr3MwnU) – 5.30 Minutes


Usual Story of son not able to make to home to visit his mother.  instead sends a parce “Helpbot” which can take care of all household works.  The attachment between the two grows on a day to day basis.  As always Mom is special to all, in this case – even to the bot.  The Bot creates a flair on the circus thts in town and when the day arrives as promised by Mom, the life road finds the dead end for the human.  The Bot tries to change the batter for mom as his case is.  The unification of both happens on the road to heaven where circus happens.  The story is very well completed with this unification.

Amazing Concept of how fragile our life is and how every mintue needs to be valued.  No more procastination.  Great movie to watch.  Compositing and character modelling is well suited to the story.

Kudos to the entire team.

Director – Casandra NG

Producer – Lim shu Gi

Composer – shaheir Jibin



Sathish Sampath