Every time pressure is applied on any religion or customs there comes an exception which always question the sanctity of faith.  Where there is faith there is resistance, and when resistance intensifies it becomes another path, but never knowing even that is faith.

Similar story is narrated here when Shmilu is confused between the hard rules of being a perfect jew to the evergreen looking modern society specifically when it comes to women he sees.  The oedipus plays a major role in creating the poison tree when he wants to flap his wings to fly out to the world which he thinks is built with freedom.

Life takes a turn when he meets the women he adores through a dating website (user name Samuel 613).  The girl turns out to be much different from his expectation on the behaviour he dreamed about.  The disappointment increased when she could easily tag the desperation through the pointers he showed which was part of his research on her.  He tried to mock himself as who he was not and was caught red handed with a simple question on the favourite album of her favourite artist.

The response from his mind is devastating leading him to the highest point of anger and addiction which does not help anything but to create the stress thats worth nothing.

The movie then goes into a cryptic remorse when he realises that the faith which he came is the one which he should get back.  And hence the restoration of faith happens.

The movie cannot be seen only as things pertaining to Jew, this is just a mere representation of the dilemmatic mindset of modern youth on questioning the faith.  Somewhere the mind has to be locked and many a times as time goes by the life in which they live in plenty always takes a winning troll.

Director – Billy Lumby


Sathish Sampath