OSCAR WINNING FILM | Short Film Recommendation : Father and Daughter (2000 | 8 Minutes) Animation Movie

Animation Short Film Recommendation : Father and Daughter (2000) Animation Movie | OSCAR WINNING FILM (https://youtu.be/hVg5elLgSM8)

We would have not thought of Animation Film’s capacity to tell such a lovely story in the year 2000.. With limited technological help each frame set is absolutely marvellous.  Unique tone with changing weather sequences amazes how the story telling in animation sequences has evolved.

Michael got the OSCAR for this film.  This film talks mainly about a Father and his daughter who drive through the shore and the Father leaves to the neverland.  The entire film shows how the daughter comes back to the same place expecting her father.  As the days go by the age of the daughter too take a hike and so her surroundings.  The feeling and growth are amazingly captured in the frame by Michael by showing the various stages of the Daughters life.

The end personifies love and as it ends in all love stories they finally unite in the neverland itself.

Its a fantastic yard scale movie for Animation based story telling from how we were in 2000 and how technologically we have evolved now.  But story telling is the essence and this continues as strong as it was.


Sathish Sampath