Short Film Recommendation : The Library (Language : Thai) with English Subtitles

The Library (Thai – 2006) ( )

A Perfect Love story told in 30 min.  Every frame is work of art, we can do a screenshot to print and Frame it.  The Cinematography takes the first prize in this.  The Acting comes the next, Amazing actors.. they just lived what they potrayed.  The story might resemble a hundred movie what we saw, but definitely does not fail to impact or entertain us in the story telling part.

Love starts as comedy, and it stays forever in whatever form it may be.  Little bit of heavy drama in the end.  But this is the best transformation that can be given to show the change in the Characters performance (Ann’s transformation is spotless)

Kudos to the entire team.  One of the Best Short film i have seen this year.




Sathish Sampath