Film Recommendation:The Substitute Wife (1994 | 92 Minutes) – English

The Substitute Wife (1994) – 92 Minutes – ( )

Very Bold and unique attempt by the producers of the film.  A Lady who knows she isn’t going to be alive for long decides to choose a lady companion for her husband and in lieu get a mother material for her kids (mother material is not showcased that much, its predominantly portrayed as getting a lady for the house)

Extraordinary acting by the lady lead cast – There is not much to write as a sequential knot of the story line as the one-liner sums up very well.  But execution of the script and the acting specifically when the lady that she could search are from completely un imaginable place the knot opens up into a beautiful drama.  The drama then rushes for the completion just to show the deterioration of her health in fast manner.  Excellent movie to watch as its been taken on sheer confidence in the script and the acting confidence of the actors.


Sathish Sampath


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