Film Recommendation:Love Comes Softly – English (88 Minutes)

Film Recommendation: Love Comes Softly – English (88 Minutes) – (

“Love isn’t always a Firework at first, Many a times it comes softly” – a powerful message and a brilliant work of art.  When the casting is very powerful like Katherine Heigl of course there would be some expectation on delivering the role.  She has absolutely rocked the role.  But she isn’t the star which you will take from this movie.. You will surely remember and adore “Missie” done by Skye Maccole Bartusiak.  This kid steps in from nowhere and just steals the entire movie after her entry.  She is powerful, cheerful and absolutely adorable.

Not much of a unexpected turns, but its almost a must watch movie that could probably like a good Meal which every emotion touched and poked during the run time.

Its a movie which we can always refer to when it comes to Child Artist role training.  Missie can’t be missed at all…


Sathish Sampath


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