My Mothers Jade (2013) – Short Film Review

Its an irene young movie.  Its an amazing portrayal of the generation gap yet the bonding between a mom and her daughter.  Americanisation is not considered a positive move in many countries, China and chinese are one of them. But the closeness of Mom and daughter is portrayed very well.  As any conservative family, Mom coming from a downtrodden, worked hard, earned her way to a lifestyle living in US.

But as the US culture goes or atleast portrayed widely in movies, the girl Ling gets into the lust mode, seeks a boyfriend, and the guy wants to take the third level with her. The drama of mom and daughter both in happy and sad is portrayed very well.

Its a great movie, if you have a mom who has worked through her struggles to get you the cuddles of her love, you will certainly remember her and see her in this movie.