one hundredth of a second (Short film)

Film Review:

This is a slap to every photographer who try to create a business out of a tragedy.  Kate a war photographer gets “New photographer of the year” award for her photograph, which portrays a young girl shot in her head.  this movie even though its very short, takes the viewer to the ride of the critical moment.

The movie touches the edge when the young girl having a gun pointed in her head pleads looking at the photographer to save her life, instead the photographer did her job taking a perfect shot of girls murder.

This is becoming a hard to digest reality now a days, where photographers just worry about their picture when they get a chance to make a difference. Best movie ever shot – Why not?

PS – i am reminded of all those selfie maniacs and photographers who tried their best to portray and get as much portfolio shots of people who are suffering and tragic incidents in the recent flood in Chennai.