The Breakup (2012) -Short Film

Film Review :

If you want to see a movie (Bollywood movie) without dance, masala yet want to get reminded of shah rukh khan, kajol, salman khan, kareena kapoor – just watch this.  This has a good story line, but not a new or fresh line of thought.  you would get reminded of DDLJ, GUPT, Bodyguard while watching this movie.  But nothing takes the moment apart its a good piece of film to watch, get reminded of that one love whom you didnt say and when you tried to, they just reminded you that they don’t internally inscribe even your name when they think of love.

Alisha’s love is amazingly portrayed and Adithya has played low to his character to get Alisha’s character blossom like.. not sure how much of Alisha’s there but there are more of male form of Alisha’s available in each friendship gang.

Next time when you talk to your close friend, just try to understand him/her if he/she really comes out and opens their heart, or even try to indicate that indirectly.

Great work guys, Hopefully next time same crew will come with something different and creative storyline.  When Actors perform Well its always a treat to watch.  Congrats Bahaish Kapoor.



Screenplay , Story, Direction, Sound – Bahaish Kapoor

Cast and Crew : Prabuddha Dayama, Parineeta Shah, Chandrika Batra

Music : Greg V, Bahaish Kapoor