Teaspoon (2015) – Hindi Short Film

Film Review :

A Woman is an angel and a devil, it comes as a combo pack.  This movie is a great portrayal of instinctive anger when goes out of control can lead to devastative situation.  A woman who is instrumental in running the home, also handles her professional job from home.  The common societal problem of care of old people becomes problem. That too when the old person is sick and needs extra care.

Kavita, an excellent home maker, who handles both house and her profession well is pushed to a corner because of the pressure that mounts on the professional front.  Kavita responds to the pressure and commits something which cannot be reversed. its a life changing moment. Teaspoon will click in her brains forever..

The movie amazingly portrays the emotion, dialogue and cinematography is a plus.  The acting part is at its zenith as all characters are played by experienced actors. overall its an amazing film.

A Must watch i would say.



Direction – Aban Bharucha Deohans

Cast and Crew – Sree Swara, vaquar, Bomi Motiwala, Niru Chopra