Happy Independence Day – Call it Loud – Let the world hear us..

Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all who is reading this blog post.  Feel free and proud to wish other visitors too by commenting to this blog.

There are so many events of celebration, split across religion, caste, sect, practise, personal, official but there are only 2 which binds the entire nation together, and the prime one being the “Independence Day” The day which marked our Tricolour in the entire history of human mankind.  The bloodless battle that will be remembered for generations to come, our freedom fighters will be remembered every year (sadly not every day, but this will improve).

We have millions of problems, we are a corrupt nation at present, we are making a mockery of our democracy now, but this does not bring dirt to the independence that we won or if i put it in another way the way we won it.  There are great battles know, empires were defeated by sacrificing millions of patriots in wars.  But in contrary there stood a nation which got its independence just following “Ahimsa”.  Did it win only because of Ahimsa? what then can be equated to Bhagat Singh, Subhash chandra Bose and other people who took the extreme positions.. its certainly a combination of all.  We all love our freedom fighters.

As a proud Indian, I am ashamed to see the current status of my country, I am sick of corruption of these politicians, I am disappointed the way democracy is being murdered everyday.  As I start raising my head above the land, my hopes grow high.  There will be a day when we will call all these wrongdoings a passing cloud, there will be a blooming day which will see patriots taking the chair and not the money minded parasites.  I raise my head still High I see my beautiful tricolour flag, flying high, with the same vigour and valour that it did on the independence day during 1947.  This is a great realisation, there are too many wrong things on earth, but our nation is still together.

So many predicted, after independence we will be broken into many countries and democracy cannot be withheld, we have proven everyone wrong, and we will do so again and again.  Democracy is high,  but people have lost their priorities thats all.  In the name of modernisation and in the run for earning money (thinking of securing our nears and dears life) we have lost our focus, but we have not lost our interest.  Even today for nation we are standing together, we will stand together always.

Change is happening, light is certainly end of tunnel, we have entered the tunnel, all the bad people will see this independence day this year and next year to be a bell of warning.  People are coming together its a great sign.  We will win the same passionate country again.

Corruption will be brought down, all aliens who have vested interests in this nation will be thrown out.  Our Flag will fly with more freshness, happiness and satisfaction.We will certainly see that day greeting each other “Happy Independence Day”.  Lets call this wish so loud that every street in this world and nearby galaxy hear that India is celebrating its Independence day, for all who see us down, mock our culture, practice this Wish will be the last voice for them to correct their impression about our country.

We are changing, we will see the change happen soon and through.

Wishing you all Happy Independence Day – Lets all greet each other, celebrate this passion towards our country.  Its a day to cherish, remember and teach our children the same patriotism thats passed on from our forefathers.

Sathish Sampath

PS – The photo in this blog is taken from general search, and by this I acknowledge that I do not own or take the copyright or credit for this picture.

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