In the name of Innovation we get addicted

Scribbles :

We get ourselves in the top of pride or satisfaction when we buy a product which won our heart, Impulsive purchases would give a unique satisfaction. The shelf life of these satisfaction depends on the product , its usage and also the uniqueness of such products in the market or among the Friends/Family/Colleague circle. I ve been one of the admirers or stock taker during my young years, when we were not that sound enough to buy any product thats reasonaly priced in the super markets or the stores that we used to visit in my native town. But the Aspiration kept increasing, and the passion and liking never knew our financial position. Invariably my liking goes towards the electronic gadgets or expensive sports or instruments. Like the “Titleist” Golf Kits, KAWAI Pianos, Vionicelli, platinum Flutes etc. The question of Affordability does not even araise, as we couldnt even think such products. but passion grew, list grew, and when the day came when I started earning, even though its useless most of my initial years purchases was just to quest my early years thirst.

Madness towards electronic goods didnt stop, it grew still further, what on earth do I need a night vision goggles, a HDMI compatible binoculards, Hand held movie players, almost all branded tablets, I ve gone one full round using all branded mobile handsets of famouns companies.

But recently, I started hating my purchases specifically in the electronic sector, all companies started aggressively dumping products inside the market in a way that if I buy any product this month, the next month or in a quarter, this becomes obsolete or becomes older model, where the company has floated 3 more products in the interval period. My products prices are slashed down in such high frequency that I stand to look like a fool. My classic example, I bought Imate k jam mobile/smartphone (which includes mobile modem) for 49500, in a matter of 4.5 months, they launched another model similar capability with enhanced memory, bigger screen, and good OS stability, and kjam’s price was reduced to 45600, in a matter of few months, I felt like holding a brick in hand while my friend spent 48300 after seeing my phone and bought the new model.

The same story happened for the iphone, I got really bugged this time, when just 2 months after I bought, the price came down, and Iphone 4 came in market, making all buyers of previous models looking like idiots, and in india there is no buybacks or exchange. Sinmilarly with Samsung smartphones which I am holding now, this time its even more worse, its just 2 weeks when the product which I bought (on the first week of Indian launch) now the price is reduced by 1980 rupees and there is another model that is being launched in the same category with the latest Android stable OS.

Similar thing with Blackberry – such a big name, but their handsets (specially curve models) there like rubber thing in the sides which will peel of making this look like a head of a crocodile, you will be sent by every dealer possible saying this cannot be fixed, but the helpdesk at blackberry would say everything is replaceable, but we need to send the headset to some regional centre which will take 60 days or so (2 months)

Sometimes I feel its should have been a good choice if I just would have had my nokia 3310 handset (rock solid) and just controlled my craziness towards these new gadgets, especially cellphones.

We know its a mistake/addiction but in the name of Innovation, these corporates derive more audiences, but the bigger question atleast to me is, what is the shelflife satisfaction…

What are your addiction? or passion that you cannot feel you can control it??

Sathish Sampath

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