Whats mine is also yours – new airtel logic

Scribbles :

A Brilliant jingle by Airtel that says, jo mera hi woh tera hi, jo tera hi woh mera hi – trying to portray the piggybagging that we used to do while we are in colleges, there will be absolute mess, no one knows whos Tshirt it would be, because almost it will circle among the entire group. Great song, but this actually makes me think in other lines too, I am getting old and forgetting the college days and being a family man, all that I could see things is where its not working well for me. This self centered approach is socially called the Responsible Family man (hahaha).

What if we apply this to our politicians, ofcourse one part is default applied, whatever we have they can anytime call it theirs. But what if the first half goes good, whatever they have is ours too. Wow, think of people like Rajiv gandhi and gandhi family, who allegedly (not proved) (i am being safe here) hold the highest amount of money in the swiss bank, that becomes ours too. the money depositing and collection will become central, its like this, all that we earn, the entire India will deposit in one account, and whenever we need we take it from that account (I think that can be called Gandhi Kanakku or Account) – Whats happening to me !!!! – This song is making me to juxtapose scenario’s

What will happen to sports, no one will compete, because end of it who ever wins all win (not in true spirit of sportsmanship, but actually as everything is for everyone). No olympics no commonwealth (my god kalmadi will become poor again (all cases are yet to be proved, he is allegedly guilty). Dhoni will not drink milk in front of the camera, Sachin will not speak with Batteries, Yuvraj will not be fit anymore for Revital.

Jaya TV and Sun TV will form joint venture and Captain will be the chief guest, TR will be doing the music for the show, and Pudhiya thalaimurai chief will be the master of ceremony..

When craziness go wild, people go mad, and when they do so, they get to leave their addiction to all materialistic life and then go sanyasi, and then the song sings again, this is danger, what if all sanyasi join together and run 1 massive unit.. – Run for your life !!

I am being completely nuts today, and I listed to this jingle atleast a dozen times, probably now I am thinking,

Airtel is saying, if there is a charge that is levied to you higher, dont complain, its one of your friends charges, or if your bandwidth speed is not as per you subscribed, dont complain, its because we have taken yours and sold two more accounts to your friends. So what is yours is also theirs and whats theirs (cost) is yours too. Which means, no complaints to be registered from customers anymore. Great approach (let me save me for the last time, all the points mentioned in this blog is for fun and humor only, cannot be taken seriously or out of context from the fun element. If there is any mistake that you can find, please note, my mistake is also your mistake 🙂

Sathish Sampath

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