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Sare Jehan Se Acha – Hindustan Hamara
India is a Sovereign Democratic Republic. I am sure everybody willingly or unwillingly has studied this in our Civics, many of us ignore to take it through considering politics to be a corrupted school of garbage. We also know that India is made of states (number is not relevant here) and each of the state correspond to the activity called Nation. If a Nation building happens in such way similar is the way our leaders are made in the national politics. Ofcourse there are exceptions which cant be understood by a layman like me who likes democracy by definition and tries to ponder if something like that is in existence. Few of my points of dilemma if we are still in democracy is charted down..

President of India
Lets take the highest position as per the constitution, Is president of India being elected by the People? if we are going to consider this position as epitom of Indian Identity by calling them First citizen, then are we not indirectly saying we like democracy just in books and in consitution and when comes to practice we always like the way which will work best for us. Do we have the highest office from the mandate of people who are the foundation from which our constitution is built? Doubts run on the concept of democracy, if it has to apply from bottom up, why does the exception when it reaches the top?

Rajya Sabha

If we call all the national leaders and the system is being elected by the people, for the people, of the people, then why such thing called Rajya Sabha exist? its neither elected by the people and not for the people (its for parliamentary system) and of the people (parties nominate their candidates without consent of the public). If the Government is willing to pay the MP’s huge money and incentive from the taxes that are levied on people like us are dont we not dictate some command in that process? its like going to a shop and paying money, and the shop keeper will give the product which he likes to give us (also only if he is willing to give us).

Government Offices/Corporation being Bailed Out :

Where on earth is this legal? if companies, corporate who are in a loss because of their sluggish, lazy and unprofessional attitude towards business has made the corporation in risk, what rights does the Government (or even the elected representative) have to bail them out. I to my limited knowledge think we have not authorised any Legislative member while electing to kill us and save themselves, ideally it should be the other way. If there are farmers committing suicide, why not government bail the entire agricultural department? If there are Small and Medium or SSI companies which are running out of business why is govt not appoint high panel committee and bring in their team to save the company. If they can do something to company like Satyam (I am very happy they did that, at least) why cant they do to 1000’s of small companies who have a dream to become big are closing every day because of their poor management of economy. Is there a voice of public anywhere in these?

CORRUPTION: India is seeing corruption to the highest level possible, no one is spared, ruling party or opposition party, left, right, centre, middle , top and bottom. As people what can we even do? everyone is just reading these in newspaper, having fun, probably taking sides for the sake of arguments whiling our time in front of TV’s giving them higher TRP’s. We dont have the guts to even stand up and ask the question, including me, we are shit scared because our gods whom we have voted would not take our question in right sense. From “We the People” where we created the constituion being a base to this level of shit scared to even ask question, we have been a self centred idiot for all these years which was used by a bunch of people to create a class called Political Class. This is nonsense, if they are supposed to be people servants, where did they get chance to form their own class? leaving almost all of others in either poverty class and middle class?

ONE BIG QUESTION : Are we by electing politicians given them a open declaration that by calling themselves as people representatives they take the complete rights to own everybody’s life and they can take any decision which may or may not affect people daily hood?

What on the earthy FDI Retail is needed in India – When there is an inflation which is raising and people finding it too difficult to even cover their monthly expenses, what on earth was govt thinking to bring foreign players into India. As such because of this Mall culture we are fried between the commissions and the uneven pricing in the name of branding.

Why not pvt/public partnership come in PDS? If individual people in retail industry are seen making money why is the government PDS making a loss? is that because people have decided to buy product which is priced 5 times higher than the product that comes in PDS, because our income level is raising? or is that a prestige symbol?

Who needs a foreign car when even an auto is finding it difficult to ride. Who needs a 6 lane road of the same has to be digg every month by 3 departments one after another making the road not usable to the public. who needs a bridge that waits for months just for the politicians to get a date to come for the opening ceremony? If in democracy, people is the foundation, can we, the people also have rights in these?

If we can generate thought leader, yoga guru, spiritual guru, so many humans who call themselves god, why cant we create a national leader who actually thinks in platform where people are put first?

We dont need to even think government to be a place of charity, thats the whole problem. They all think being in social arena, they are doing a great charity and people should be grateful to them. Lets be honest and make even the governemnt into an organisation which has to do its duty properly just like any other oganisation.

Let them take their payment through our taxes, and we reserve the right to ask them question and remove them like the shareholders. Let each department be handed by people who are qualified and inturn elected by people or the reverse – if there would be arguement that would bring tribal areas, – yes, they can elect a person, who goes to a political college gets to know the system and gets to work equally with the IAS cadres.

Its brilliantly written but poorly executed consitution, no where we can find a consitution thats written keeping the bottom up approach, and there is educated officers assisting people representatives to bring legislature. But as does the books gets old, so does the democratic process. May be its a sign of end of an era or beginning of something new. Hopefully we get to see a change where young fearless leaders would emerge putting the parliamentary process in place with a new meaning and a purpose.

Sathish Sampath

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  1. Satish…well written. We should meet when u r at Chennai next and take it forward. I will link you to some people and groups – most of them with little or no political leanings/ideology- so taht we can start discussion groups.


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