Colours in Life – still a luxury for too many people in India

Scibbles :

There is a disturbing fact which keeps coming with us as we grow.  As the rich people get richer, there is another line which gets bigger.  I wouldnt call the poverty line any more, because the cause of that line is death, I would probably call that a “line of death”.  In the name of economic recession we are struggling and worrying that we are not able to spend freely or earn more.  But there is a group of people who are hit by permanent economic recession.  Do you know that for evey INR 100 that Govt allot for poor people, only 2.30 paise goes to the actual person.  This is a factual information, verifiable, but the person would deny.  i heard it from a very reliable person.  The Villages of today are even worst then villages of ester years.  The disparity between the groups are now so wide that it would be very difficult to close down.  Moreover the exploitation of the poor is still continuing.  There is a report that the child expectancy ratio has become gradually stable in the city and the metros.  But the backward villages are still remaining in the same danger zone.  Even this year the health ministry report are not giving any satisfactory analysis.  They are taking 1 line from WHO on Polio Free India (that too, its not a declaration, its just a report that there has not been any case of polio and there is a 1 year watch).

If health is one area which we are seeing this kind of disproportionate colour spread in the country, the Distribution is much more worse than this.  The PDS is going worse every day.  There is one sector of people who are giving crazy premium for buying their grains, and there is government godown which has stocked and wasted millions of tons of grains.  I am sure people in Tamil Nadu would be familiar with this trend, if you need to get sugar in the ration shop, they will have a mandatory purchase list, we might have to buy 2 kg of moong dal or something.  Where are these rules coming from and how are these rules formed.

When we take the education sector, there are 1000+ govt schools which are in extremely bad shape (pls remember these are the bottom rating, behind poor and bad) the basic sanitation is a problem, hygiene is an issue and there is a whole case of malnutrition of poor kids who are dependent on the mid day meal in India.

If we look at the whole of these issues we see only the negative things, ofcourse there are LOTS of positive things, but when negative things takes Life of people, I am not able to see the positive things at all.  Where are we getting, why is the government not able to bring the balance in the operation and bring in e governance across the state and connect the whole of India.  The whole Public Distribution System can be connected hence we can easily eradicate the difference in the supply and also match the demand and the zonal distribution.

We can create  a metrics system which links people with their status and their demand.  there can be sophistication done for people who can afford and can ease the bureaucracy for people who cant.  The entire system where the State and Centre relationship matters for whole livelihood of a common man, doesnt look like a good system.  there has to be a system which has to be dependent on and not the ruling part or the central government.  With the setup like India where the adaptability of people can be tuned to our liking, if the govt can enforce pan cards, can bring voter id can think of bringing UID, i think before all these first bring a system where in if there is a person in need of food in kanyakumari, and if there are excess food grains stored in punjab, there is an automatic way of bringing that to south making everyone in India equally accessible to FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, HEALTH, MEDICINE.

Hope that day comes soon.


Sathish Sampath


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