What does old bulding/architecture/monuments teach us?

its always a mystery walking into a museum or into an ancient building while on tour or in your own city.  Many a times we miss reading the message if thise are from our own city.   We rather take that all these scriptures and sculptures are meant only for the archealogical department people and mostly taken as after dead labs.  Schools fails to rate its importance to put people on the historian routes.  And many brilliant hiatorians of india are one of the least kbown or the least paid.  If we look at the versatality of the knowledge that could be obtained from these things it would prove that its one of the best way a student can take this as a passion along with his main course of study.

How many people have photography as their passion, those all can be saviours of the dying architectures and ancient buildings.  All real estate entrepreneurs think for a minute before you destroy the last piece of evidence of a past generation in the name of modernization or infrastructure project.

What can these architectures teach us,
a.  They can teach us the lifestyle of the segment which we are looking, may it be royalty or be it a ordinary person house.
B.  They can teach us the culture which could potentially which we would have inherited over the centuries.
C.  They can teach us the trend of home making, sophistication,novelty etc.
D.  They would immediately teach us a sense of spirituality and a philosophical connection between you and the then generation.
E.  They would tell the story of continuity, success, sorrow, and a deep belief about the survival of humanity and preservation of the past.
F.  Not sure if this would come to all, but for me these ancient monuments when it is well protected and presented gives a feeling that even my generation would be preserved and presented in such a manner, and this always gives me an urge to prove myself to a level that i should be part of those memories in some form so that someone after 1000 years wuld be reading about me.  This migt sound very funny and nonsensical but its a true feeling of mine.

If we take another angle will these ancient buldings we can even question ut another way.  What can i take from these buldings and monuments.  I can definitely and proudly say, i ve taken a lot of these either as inspiration to my activity or to my work.

A.  The designs that you see and capture might come as a timely rescue if your customer is looking for a traditional patterns specifically for florals which has to be non repetitive.  This would be understood vy designers because the floral concepts dates a long back we dobt create new form of florals now a days.

B.  This would give you solutions to your problens when you try justaposing their living in yours.  I cant explain in theory, but personally a role playing in mind has given me solutions to complex problems.

C.  we can actually take a great folklore to our kids who would expext a new story every day.  This would also probably turn into an interest in architecture.  Games and role playing.  Teaching history to them in a ver easy eay.

Looking at all these there are numerous advantages of having and maintaining the old structure and monuments.  I just hope that public get that interest and put pressure on the govt to have this as one of their prime agenda in governance.

Sathish Sampath

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