Only 10% Graduates from Tamil Nadu are IT Employable ??? – Too much Dig into the adaptability nature of TN Graduates

Sribbles :

I am sure there would be many who got a scratch at their head when they read in today’s newspaper.  A Blatant announcement from Kapil Sibal and his ministry based on some survey which are done using some sampling survey in Tamil Nadu.  This is ridiculous, what do they call by adaptability? Language? lifestyle? or technical knowledge.  If you take the sample which would be obvious by taking the achievements of our students during their final year it would be quiet obvious that many our students are above the Indian industrial zones – I dont want to name any event or incident because that would become matter of subjective argument.  If we are talking about national adaptability, then are we saying there should not be any regional characterization?

I can go on and on.. As a platform of Edutrics which MediaMetrics created, I have visited colleges all round Tamil Nadu, I certainly know based on my Sampling that the 10% mark what they have claimed would be certainly wrong and my State gives much more than versatile, talented and entrepreneurial caliber than the claimed number.

Hope the days to come would prove this report wrong or I would be happy if State Government to responds back to this claim with facts and figures.


Sathish Sampath



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