Rizzoli & Isles – Season End ?

Scribbles :

I cant beleive a script can be brought to such end that too without any preamble for the same.  I loved Rizzoli & Isles series in the Start World.  Yesterday was its last episode for the season (or alltogether –  not sure).  Rizzoli was as usual solving a crime case and suddenly her brother Frankie got hurt and during the gesture to find a solution to take Frankie to hospital fast and since she was being held hostage by Bobby a bad cop who was part of a heist, she shoots him through her (shoots her stomach (looks like that) and the bullet passes her and then kills the bobby who was holding her from the back.  And thats it, the episode is over.  Come one man, there has to be some completeness in the script.

I can understand they tried to keep it as real as possible and my intention to see Rizzoli more is their victory.  But eventhough as a person who is advocate of reality in scripts, i feel this as too blunt.  I hope there is a suspense to the same and the next season comes.

The similar thing happend for White Collar, Castle – I think American Script writers should consider this point.  I am not sure if I am alone in this feeling, but still i have rights to advocate my feelings.


Sathish Sampath

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