The “D” in Design – Part 1

Many a times, we stand as an audience of either the client taking the design meeting, or the design team taking over the meeting based on the storyboard which the creative team brings. There is one thing which goes missing specially in the website design scenario is the the Vision of the corporate brand for next 1 or 2 years. The customer office awaits the costing sheet rather than worried about who is doing the designing the job of their brand. The biggest problem in that has escalated because of this economic recession is the bad handling of brand and their communication. Every website is a powerful mass communication media which speaks to the entire world who wants to know about the brand. This is much bigger than any print material or the press releases that is being done. Because even during the press release the information reaches the audience, but in a website that is standing, the audience of today and unknown target audience of tomorrow view the website.

When we see the Non website based Design the same pattern extends.  The products has to be designed keeping all the worst constraints in mind, all easy normal days would make all products looking good.  Its only a test of time when there would be abnormalities from the ideal setup.

DEDICATION – it would  better if brand design is dedicated to the line of business rather than creative invented to link the vision of business

DESIRABLE – its not just the client contact or client to be happy to see their website, its best to create a desirable design from the users point of view.  Its nice to always do a surrogate testing before moving LIVE.

DEARER – this is a time where the development side of the same has to be handled right before the design handling the design.  Many a times the website looks good, but extremely hard to operate.  better to have dearer website rather than attracting user by look and hurting them when they feel it.  The word “Look and Feel” is equivalent to “Design & Development”

I experienced exactly the same today when I (not willing to name the brand) was willing to buy a digital binocular with night vision enabling, I saw the relevance of all that I mentioned above (even though I related them to website) above from the product sense.  The eye lid section is too small, either they concentrate on functionality and the basic things like weight is not taken care, or the reverse.  The product analysts should have done some basic testing with sampling before coming to India…. (this product is launched just a month back as competitor for Sony Dev-5)

I will dig deep into this and will come back with more..


Sathish Sampath


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