Google progressive Algorithm Changes – positive move

Sathish Sampath

All those days where overnight mock-ups and stealing PR etc.. all will be wiped out slowly.  Google is moving is the right direction.  Its a great move to make it transparent on what they are changing in the algorithm so that peole know rather than any speculation.  The recent move after the panda algorithm is that the sensible website get the advantages.  These are not yet fully done, as per their updates.  At any point in time, its better to follow the below given points for any complete shielded logic for Google.  As if we notice they are moving as if a human is reading the websites and listing.  Its a tough one to 100% achieve but probably they are moving there, people like me who do not believe in most of the SEO companies aggressive push for overnight winning proportions think its a good way to go ahead.

  • never allow codes that fails w3c standards to go LIVE.  If you are basing your business through search engine searches, better avoid too many contradictions with w3c
  • more relevant content is not “too much”.  Its better to lead the user with more text info relevant to the pages
  • SEO biased contents would face the penalty.  Its going to be those end days for people flooding their footer area with “biating” and also SEO biased contents
  • More of meaningful links, sublinks, cross links – connect your website with meaningful inlinks
  • Ads – more your ads, less your positioning – this is a great move (sorry Ad companies). Those who get unrelated pages which are surrounded by ads and who count on pageview for spots and banners
  • More people spend time in the website, more the importance and more exposure – this is exactly
  • Need not be a BIG website to win the hearts of the Spider – the concept of less is more is a great way.  Keep what is relevant do not build things just for Search Engine Sake
  • Images can contribute a lot – make sure they are properly tagged, titled and given problem alt text
  • Duplication of content has to be completely avoided, if its highly needed it would be proper to lead the visitor to the original page rather than duplicating the same again.  Even abnormal repetition of word can be caught by the spider
  • (For International Audience) – its better to keep your base English version perfect in Grammar and Spelling by avoiding all the modern slang texts
  •  User Experience/Click Ration / Information Architecture – All these are still part of the edits.
  • Links/ eyeballs
  • Content virals and backlinks

Overall – Simple minimalistic website which treats their audiences well with the pleasure of reading and keep them sticking to them would gain from these changes.  “Simple” does not mean only minimalistic website, it reflects how the information is being told to the customer.  Its better to simply tell them, rather than giving too many gimics and animations.

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