Why does small budget clients always feel Ux Analysis is waste of Money?

I know the the heading is like passing a judgement, but yeah, i think out of my experience in this month, i think its fair to make this point. I ve been in a lecturing spree to all these clients on what actually means an user experience analysis.. This is not a million dollar investment that is being put on the CSR’s and hence they derive out exact percentage of the target audience who either like or dislike, i am not a big fan of CSR’s. But i am a strong believer that every digital activity has to happen after careful study of audience behaviour and that result has to go in as input for the design process.

This activity of understanding the target audience need would not take million dollars, all it take is few 10’s or 100’s of emails to people to get their feedback on any of the wireframe or probably a concept. Why do companies fail to understand the need for the same. They keep doing marketing materials and also their product to their liking, and force the customer to use the same. They force these by using either manual, or documentation or help service or customer support or web conference etc.. How much of money is wasted to make the user to like what they did, rather than getting to know what customers or consumers actually need?

Thats the biggest pityfactor i am facing as a international consultant for process and user movement analysis. Designers sit in their cabin, thinking of various ideas comes up with their concept, which then goes to the customer, who inturn put his likes and dislikes to vet the same. Everyone again fails to understand, the project is actually done for their target audience rather than what they like to see.

I just hope specifically small budget clients understand the need for this ux analysis and inturn get their gears turned up for their audience, because the BIG companies have realised that their threat is now in the small and medium segment and inturn make these analysis much costlier and take things away from the democratic use of all companies.

Sathish Sampath

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