What should one look in organisation when they go in for employment?

1. Do not look at brand name of company as your first choice, look at the career path that you might get in that firm
2. Do not look at the pay slip for the money that will be paid as ctc, look at the money that would be paid “on hand” and its relevant saving alternative like PF.
3. Do not go by the facilities provided by them like the shift cabs etc, check what might save your spending capability and your work life balance
4. Do not be moved by the PLVP that is being given, check for the extra hours that you have spent that you could have put on your passion.
5. Do not count the number of people working for any firm, but count the aggregate business that they generate using those people
6. Do not go underemployed, but at the same time also imagine too much pay for your less experience is equally risky and challenging, be ready to fight for it.
7. Before going to the company, be sure that you know about the company. Get their balance sheet and P & L’s and go through the same.
8. Do not go by Profits or the deal signed by the company, go by the Ratios of Capital Adequacy and see the stability of the company before joining or taking huge risks
9. Do not be moved by the company’s gesture of offer letters and other HR activities, but be sure if you have a seat in project before joining
10. Do not be cool in joining a BIG corporate as one among thousands; be sure that just like they take IN as bulk, they also send OUT as bulk.

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