customer service?? How much that costs??

its a strange experience today from a company that sells video conferencing equipments. to put it in a real short story, i wanted a solution that will be a one step higher version with skype. Where we can to multiple video and audio conferencing so that people can see each other without much dependency to hardware that costs fortune. This company came and gave a big brochure listing the name of almost every big company in india saying thats their client base 🙂 ( who cares about client bases) then they said they are the best in this and there is nothing they cannot do.. (great!!!) while discussing things i spotted a solution which if installed in mine and my counterparts internationally can do what i wanted to do… (superb!! – then comes the bomb) then i wanted to see a demo of the same or atleast the equipment so that i can see how that would fit inside my office. There came the surprise. The total cost of the equipment is USD2599. But if i need a demo of this product then i need to pay USD299 because they cannot give demo free of cost. I told them i dont need demo in that case atleast show me the instrument so that i can see how that fits in my room. They said for showing the instrument it costs USD 199 (ridiculous) because they will not have stock of any instrument and they need to bring it from bangalore and that costs has to be borne by me.

I wonder how companies like this has such a big client lists. will these companies just buy based on looking at some pictures and brochures?? God save these companies.. i hope i have not named the company in this posts.. even if i have.. i dont care to look through again and delete the same..

Incase you are in chennai and if you want a video conferencing solution, call me before talking to companies, i would name this company… dont waste your time with them. As the saying goes more the clients any company has, the value of their new clients or existing clients are very less… god save these people!!!

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