Evening Time with Fred Luthans!!! If you are a management student in mktg or strategic management its a guaranteed combination

Strange Enough title!!! – wonder what this would be? Its one of my favourite subjects while in my management school – Organisational Behaviour.

I always believe Teacher is the first inspiration for any subject or class. We see the concepts through the eyes of our teacher first, just like seeing the world through our mothers eyes. I am grateful to have my profession Mr. Tamilselvan, one who has inspired me in lots of ways other than just lecturing. The next inspiration would at any day be the book that you read for that and the author enthusiasm to deal with the topics. YES, I am talking about Organisational Behaviour from Fred Luthans – in my eyes one of the finest academic academic book i have read. I can see the interest of the author through out the book rather than just notifying the concepts. The way the book is categorized and especially My favourite topics, leadership analysis and competitive analysis and game theory.. Wow!! life cant get better creative in paper than those.

I am also personally happy that I am exposed to Fredluthans rather than being introduced so some local author or professor notes that covers just the university syllabus and more to it just has answers to question that probably might come in the semester exams. Thanks to Prof. Tamilselvan again.

Today when I read the book again, i felt much more appealing and fascinating than I read may be a year back (i think less than a year back). As the day goes i can derive a new meaning and relativeness to each of the words that is described in the book. Business experience makes a good combo for reading this book even though its not a mandatory need. Gives a great review of the patterns of decision that you have taken in your business over few topics (even though it does not relate directly) over the period of time. there are few things ofcourse which you cant expect from an academic book, like realistic Industrial workarounds (even though some case studies are given).

So this is more like sharing of personal joy and happiness and may be there will be people like me with similar interests read this and do it again (if you do please put a comment in this – not needed it has to be fredluthans and management subject – it can be anything that might be interesting read to you and you have done it many times earlier).

The final and the most wonderful thing that I can share with this is that i got a great clue and lead to one of the long standing queries and stopping factor to my research in management dynamics through semantics and analogy. “Many a times we search for a solution outside, but forget to search within” This is exactly the same. I am happy that this evening read gave me the much needed push to my research. Also this gives a great push to the business consulting services that we give at MediaMetrics.

Hopefully this would be a good point where we just take the piece of book that gave us the real happiness or surprise or togetherness or some kind of remembrance and go through that book one more time.

Thanks – Happy Reading

Sathish Sampath

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