Where is God!! Where is truthfullness – does this not matter when real estate companies sell lands to clients ?

Two years back, when i went to sriperumbudur to see a land which my brother was interested to buy, the builder promised a real heaven on earth experience. At that juncture the company brought us a BIG brochure with excellently designed images + natural landscapes + artificial lake etc.. and marketed this as a heaven on earth and this would become like a foreign land in India in a matter of 1-2 years (potentially 2 years is over now 🙂 ). They sold every piece of land with 5-10 years maintenance (i dont remember if its 5 or 10) and they sold it in such a high premium that only people outside country and well off people could buy. So my brother walked off the deal. Keeping this in perspective when I went today crossing that place, its THE MOST HORRIFIC sight that I saw. The entire property looks completely desserted, and the so called foreign land in India is looking like a desert in Chennai. There is no security, there is no work going on…….. its just left like that when I saw that place 2 years back, and everything is now become useless. Everyone who has invested in there believing there will be a clubhouse, swimming pool, garden, children play area, fountain.. whatever and what not.. which was promised during the purchase.. i dont even know if they know their land looks like a piece of S**T now.

What are they doing with the maintenance fee that they have levied during the process of sale. There was a BIG LEARNING TODAY for me to know and learn before I invest in residential land anymore, please dont believe in the Gated community concepts unless you see yourself. Please make sure you visit couple of gated community projects the same company has done before you put your money. Please do not believe in brochures or presentations which is being sent to you. Dear All NRI’S please do not see Indian land as a matter of cheap investment and throw your money recklessly without proper verification and follow ups.

All People (i dont have any till now, this is the first time i thought i can buy one for me.. 🙂 ) who has invested in lands please be sure even if that you visit your land atleat once in 6 months. If you are outside India, do not believe the builders who say they are doing maintenance etc.. Do it yourself, you appoint a company to take care of the maintenance of lands.. There is an absolute act of cheating, misrepresentation of facts. Your money towards maintenance, security whatever it is JUST WASTE…

This has given me a great amount of surprise and shock.. millions of rupees spent by NRIs beleiving the local construction companies, but they are completely cheated. I am still not out from the sight that I saw today… I think there is a real need for truthfullness to prevail in this industry… do these people believe there is god?? I am told that god dont give good things to people who lie, cheat and commit bad things to others.. But these people are living very happily, still circulating the same brochures (with fresh green pictures etc) to everyone online and offline..

I am atleast happy that I have a friend who is in this industry and who is really taking care of my needs in a transparent manner, but I dont think everyone will have this gift from god to know the actual happenings…


Sathish Sampath

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