Portugal All the way – their biggest win

What a match it was to witness the quality of gaming from the portugal team. The koreans on the other hand didnt even have a minute to cheer for their efforts in the match. The most busy player in that match is the korean goal keeper, unfortunately could not save much. Portugal definitely got the best out of their combination. As a Chirstiano Ronaldo fan it would be the biggest day because after a real gap of 24 months, he broke the ice and scored the goal. He is a legend, and i really hope this gives the much needed start for him.

Portugal also slammed all the critics who portrayed their sluggish beginning in the world cup terming them as too much a defending team, this win is their biggest ever win known to me.

Specially for portugal, Tiago, Simoa, C.Ronaldo showed a treat to everyone who witnessed the game. Amazing game, great win.. and this makes portugal to have a strong position in the group throwing ivory coast for a must win situation in their match against korea.

Sathish Sampath

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