Germany – Precision performance in the first round

It was a treat to watch the Germany Vs Australia Match as a German Fan. As they are known for their perfect, precision machinery, they showcased the same precison on the field too. Missing their captain Ballack, yet they showed the perfection of being a well matured world cup team. Luhm excellently headed the team and what a performance from the Germans in the entire match.

Australia on the other hand started with a big pulse from Garcia missing the first attempt on the goal. But other than that they were like a weak team fighting a war with well sophisticated army. The German midfielders surprised the Australians by coming in side the frontline in a very well executed plan during the match.

What a demonstration from Lucas Podolski, Miroslav Klose, Thomas Mueller and Cacau. Absolutely stunning quality. They will definitely through a very serious challenges to the Big Branded teams in this world cup..

Well done Germans..

Sathish Sampath

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