FIFA 2010 – South Africa Vs Mexico – Preview

The first match of the 2010 world cup, obviously would bring a great set of joy to the entire soccer community to see the bafana bafana boys playing against Mexico. Lets probably see what might be the activities that we can look forward for this season..

South Africa – Not much impressive couple of months back, but this changed after their 1-0 win against the Denmark. There is a new ray of “Hope” (Give me hope … joanna). this is not the overnight win the series of wins against guatemala, ghana, jamaica… 12 in a row makes them mentally a very strong team to start this world cup. More to this they have the entire SA behind them, home crowd support is always the biggest plus in matches like these.

Stars to watch for – katlego mphela, Teko Modise and the coach carlos parriera ‘s un predictable style of team attack

Mexico – This team were not that good in the qualifying rounds, they struggled a bit. But the change in the manager brought them the new hope. they are mostly known for their hard playing tactics that would put the fitness of the players in question. But they are quiet geared up for the world cup.

Stars to look out for – Rafael Marquez, Carlos Vela and I am personally expecting see rodrigous and salcido

Overall – a fantastic beginning match to watch.

My predictions

SA would win this match because of their running success and the home crowd advantage against Mexico

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