got my first hand on the movie editing..

Great beginning… Much more expectation.. my new activity to start and groom into the visual editing section and the MFX has got a great beginning.. I did my first test project today “The usual Hello World ” :). More to it the professional editing gets a real base, its fun more than what I expected, i hope this does not become more like a programming and coding.. Because as i see this goes more like a science than an art.

APP is absolutely stunning. I am not sure what the real movie industry uses, if they are using the same, then I think i am already climbing the first step towards that. I put some hand in the synth and created a bit of a looping audio for my test project, and it came out decently well. I still feel i have the rhythm and the sense of music running in me, which I learnt for almost 8 years of carnatic music in my childhood.

Great way to begin, and had great fun. Hope this continues and does not break in between.

Sathish Sampath

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