How far the CSS are true

How much are these CSS reports mentioned are true? Strange query to make as I finally signoff the dynamic survey management system for one of the bviggest brand in UK in this industry. This can be our biggest release till now (in our 1 year of operation). I feel that the online method would certainly bring in a lot more focussed details and valid entries for these surveys.

Looking through the offline system over the past years, where the traditional method of interview and questionnaire are used wherein a representative fills in the questionnaire based on the discussion with the client. More cases there are possibilities of just representative entries without actual interviews or any of those demographic profiles. Getting into online mode surprisingly gets out of those disadvantages immediately. Focussed demographics user base clearly defined, login controlled, very cleat schema and reporting. The best that can happen personally to my side is that we can start focussing on actual output in numbers rather than getting percentages, which to me is deceptive any day. just two entries can be depicted as 50% entry without sghowing the depth or frequency of the entries.

I personally feel that these kind of online system be in place atleast inb places where internet are prevalent or where such digital data can be collected. This could take out the anonymity ib the reporting and bring in the much needed human dimension in the system.

Exit polls during election in this method? Not sure if this works but surely a matter of discussion to the media companies in india.

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