Casual Meeting turning to be a huge learning

It was a lifetime surprise for me today. I met a person today regarding a land purchase, and it turned out to be a great learning session for me to rethink business strategic thinking and profitability analysis. That gentleman owns a company that deals with agriculture in a more formal and corporate way. He does exactly what all corporates do, but without knowing that he is following the great models of business. Concepts of management by time, therbligs motion analysis, relationship management by permission marketing are few things which I found practised without any knowledge that they are doing those. The biggest surprise came when they said they would hace a daily standup meeting and they have smaller teamfragments just like what agile development methodologies suggests. They also plan a weekly activity(can be compared to scrum). These are just few I could write out. Lots of interesting structure being done which I thought agri segment could be following.

This person is the MD of the firm and hasn’t had any fornal eduication at all. When I asked him about how much of business they are doing, no surprise they do what infosys and tcs can do in 6 months business. But with just land, people in village and doing the noble job of feeding others.

He lives a very simple life, that’s the opinion that people get when they meet him outside, but I got the fortunate chance of he dropping back to my auditors office. He is driving bmw 5 series car. When I asked him how easy is to do agriculture, he told with suttle smile that is like painting even before touching the paper or working on stone, we should know what we are doing. But if we do it right without being carried away by taking short routes to early harvest this is a perennial business.

I departed thanking for his time and with a reauest that he should allow me to come to his office and allow mw to interact with their people so that I can create a case study. He openly agreed to the same.

Really a surprising meeting of such a resourcesul person. Really excited to go there soon.

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