Did we miss to protect this Cat Walk?!!!

Save our Tiger!!! we just have 1411 left in India. Did we miss to watch these wild cats? I remember from my school days the same talk of Tiger is becoming extinct. Its so many years now. we are still talking the same language and same frequency about tigers.

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Few sites for reference

National Tiger conservation authority – http://projecttiger.nic.in/index.asp
Projects sanctioned till date – http://projecttiger.nic.in/sanctions.asp
Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Tiger

Some facts from wikipedia

Wildlife of India Project Tiger is a wildlife Conservation movement initiated in India in 1972 to protect the Bengal Tiger’s. The project aims at tiger conservation in specially constituted tiger reserves representative of various biogeographical regions throughout India. It strives to maintain a viable population of this conservation reliant species in their natural environment.

In 2008, there were more than 40 Project Tiger Tiger Reserves of India covering an area over 37,761 km². Project Tiger helped increase the population of these tigers from 1,200 in the 1970s to 3,500 in 1990s. However, a 2008 census held by Government of India revealed that the tiger population had dropped to 1,411. Since then the government has pledged US$153 million to further fund the project, set-up a Tiger Protection Force to combat poachers, and fund the relocation of up to 200,000 villagers to minimize human-tiger interaction


Hope that things will get better as the funds alloted is giving me some confidence that they will look into this matter.

I hope there is some good people driven movement like the one for polio happening to bring some awareness and attention among everyone.

What am I going to do in all these things??? For sure, Thanks to Nitin, Amisha, Sakshi, Bharath, Rahul for a great discussion. We are now planning to join hands and do whatever we can to our level. We are all working professionals earning through the work we do for our living, but still want to atleast spend some quality time together to do something possible from our side.

we know we cant do a big budget movement or road rally or protest or running at Tiger-o-thon. But we have an objective to be a group of “soul filled Indians” and give ideas and suggestions to everyone who are in the mainstream line and also give the volunteering strength for any knowledge spreading activity and other events that are organised by either the Media or Government or anyone who are close to the decision makers and who do have an influence to get our ideas to practice.

We are just like everyone reading this blog, so you are free to join to nominate yourself. just comment back on this with your email Id. we will make you part of this and your ideas are definitely needed for us too.

Saving Tiger discussions are just bit of it, being a soul filled indians there are lots that we can contribute and submit our ideas to the mainstream people.

Sathish Sampath

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