Back & Blogging!!! Huh Finally

Its time for me to come back to my usual mode after that really wartime work schedule. Hope things are back on track as it is today. Things are pretty much the same when I started the project of designing a medical info based iphone app. The complexity aroused just like our human system bringing in all types of complex technical problem. Monday the best was yesterday when things got sorted out and the programme started to breathe the way we wanted.

Client happy for the moment, Team got back to their normal work schedule and here I am came back FB’ng and Blogging again.. Back to my UX research and to some real tough soccer game in my capsule..

I would like to probably debate a bit about my learning as everyone would say coming out of a tough time.. I didnt learn or like that much being stressed during this time, but on the realistic or sarcastic philosophy speech, YES “Hardwork never fails” – hahaha

Back I come with Bang..

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