Brain interpretation of design

As we would note most of the cases, when we start reading a story, and in some or most of the cases we would end up assuming the rest of the same, this is a typical action of the brain.  This is the result perception capability of the brain.  Sometimes this would also be very much ironical to actual situation.  Check the video (below given url) as we progress to discuss about the system of brain that analyses design – come back to this page after looking at the video..

Ok, as you might have seen the visual parallax, its sometimes called perception and sometime called learned paralysis.  In both situations the sequence of events that happen in the brain would be like this..

1.  The eye sends the visual signals to the 30-40 vision spots,

2.  these images are seperated and processed in the layers in the lobe’s

3.  sent back to fusiform gyrus which picks up these signals and connects to the past history.. (this is where the problem starts)

This means, that even if there is a new object the brain starts scanning the older history to match, unless the object that we see are completely different even geometrically, we might end up in learned paralysis.  the same analogy by which the brain says, yes.. i know this object and this is a cube…  but actually its just a wooden plank.  As you might also note there is not just the work of brain in this but there is also the point of geometry angle of the object, vision, and also the point of system with respect to the object too.

Ok – as a designer what does this do for me? the same as when you see Richard in the video made the clouds move, parallax and other simple animation can be given by using just a movable preloader.  Also the above concept can also be termed as describing the character of any person.

If someone is much preferrable with some colour then we might probably understand that his brain reflects all good experience of the person with regards to that scenario in his life.  The same comes up with the obsession for colours too.  So we might conclude (we cant do so confirmly as this is a biologically subject) that may be this is what is the understanding that we might have to derive (to understand equitable paralance of brain for the design) when a new design or movie is being processed.

This makes our study about brain in relevance to design and UI analysis makes much much interesting.  So we would now again go much deeper into the mechanics of brain to discover more of such decision making points so that we might be able to exactly predict a client’s reaction on the design before actually we give the same to him (scientifically, we can do so psychologically or magically even now)

Sathish Sampath

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