Pip.io a great chat/meeting tool – resemble google wave to some extent

Check this out.. its a new technology and yet unusual.. they bring a very powerful social networking context.  Looks like google wave too.. but not transmit details bit by bit.  They combine all social networking sites inside just like any other thing.  Gives a feel of chat engine of google app but its little more effective than that, by possibility to collaborate and share videos, audios and images.  Looks like only base version is available.. i am happy that i got an invite,  if you want an invite let me know give me your email id i would do that for you..

Feature like onroom edit, creating private room for discussion etc.. are the best to note feature for this this also corresponds a real time transaction of data so looks like we can think and modify this and use this as a conferencing system or virtual meeting centre.

Check to know how you can create private rooms for discussion and meeting – http://vimeo.com/7240816

How to create a channel so that we can selectively filter and have confidential discussion –http://vimeo.com/7237392

Just like twitter and other clients they also offer connecting accounts – http://vimeo.com/7237388

But after taking a look at these great features the same problem arises as it came with google wave.  as this is very very new there is very few people whom we know uses this so most of this feature can be seen only in the videos.  But i can certainly feel that this would be a great tool to use for any organisation who are located in diverse locality and who has a good bandwidth connection.

What do you think? Post your comments..   also for more details – check http://pip.io/

Sathish Sampath

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