wifi weighing machine – has an iphone app too!!! check out..

Ok.. I am going to do less of description and explanation and leave more time for you guys to check these videos.. The web technology has gone inside everyman’s daily habitual things and more to it this has gone inside every specific use and mean of the human nature.  A simple concept to sophisticate users on their use, but how much of technological change that would happen if things start integrating like this..

The weighing machine, which everyone are so familiar with, either to way ourselves to check the effect of our diet plan or weigh our baggages hours before our flights internationally..  Check how this weighing machine is now works in a wifi mode..

Beleive it or not this has an iphone app too  🙂

Wifi Mode Weighing Machine

I phone App for the same  🙂

If you wanna see more about this product see Withings

Sathish Sampath

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