Google Sidewiki Project – Can be a tool for survey?

There are new things that google thinks and brings almost every month.  In September 2009, they announced the Google SideWiki Project.  By this while reading a website if we have more information about any certain information or probably if we feel that any particular information is not detailed well, we can select and through google side wiki we can mark our explanation in the same.  Check this out..

By this we can think of few more options, can we use this for couple of other uses like Customer Satisfaction surveys?? we can probably bring the google side wiki on the mouse over to any specific item bar and may be ask the client to rate it??  There is a large possibility of innovation on this, but how far its widely used would determine the fact well..

One comment

  1. There is another proeject that has come very close to give a stiff competition to google.. The dotspots. Check this out – By this we would be able to actually start looking at a webspace just like a paper document where we can do all edits, comments scribbles etc.. like our paper..

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