New Opera Unite – Browser is Webserver !!!!

This is an amazing concept, which I feel is something which can be replicated through.  Anytime you think about VNC you can unite this concept with the same, but in a complete different level.  You can create an application, file sharing (collaboration) or photo gallery using Opera Unite and inturn share the url in any public/social media  when the machine is ON, anyone can see that (just like any other webserver).  The advantage is all these can be done with just a browser.  This just amazing.. and for people who want to create “On the go” Application this is a great boon…

As it happens with all releases, there are some definite gaps in the latest version release, but looking beyond its definitely a good progress to the new dimension in defining the purpose of the browsers..

Check the official opera video on this.

Whats the way ahead?  I am assuming these things would come – or may be its there already

1.  Hardware dependency completely taken off – even though there might be few like system should be ON etc

2.  Dynamic application can be altered at various levels of architecture without much dependency on others

3.  There is a new meaning to the application development that talks about module based computing rather than architecture based system development (I am a big fan of this, hopefully some day my words would be heard by God)


Sathish Sampath

Reference – ReadWriteWeb

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