Ishiya Microtel – A good place to stay in Bangalore


Stay in Ishiya Microtel

This is not a paid promotion 🙂 .  I would like to share a good place to stay for you guys when you travel to Bangalore.  Its in Indira Nagar.  Its a hotel but its not commercially driven.  If you would like to get very good personal care and attention, its a great place to stay.  They are cheaper than all other commercial hotels but they dont fall under the economy or budget category.  This was referred to me through my friend and I am very happy to recommend this to anyone who is willing to stay in a very calm and residential locality in Bangalore.

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The key thing that I found very amazing about this place is the personal care and human touch to the customer desk that they had.  I happened change my schedule of my flight because of few meeting requirement, and the front desk helped me in swift action to get me proper numbers, routed me to the flight people etc.. Also every room is well maintained and well served.  I had a very good stay and an extremely satisfying service from the Team (Raju – Front Desk person, and Vijay – My room service guy)  They always had a good greeting smile on their face and very pleasant in requests and in service.  I hope Ishiya Microtel maintains this through out..

Since my stay was only for a day I was not able to go and use the other facilities in the hotel that were provided.  Check out their main site – for more details.

Note : these pictures are taken in an ordinary Mobile phone, so they may not be upto a great quality.. but the intention of this is to provide a meaningful information to whoever is travelling to Bangalore to have a good accomodation and not as a photographic portfolio

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