How easy to select the product you want even though your budget is high!!!

Its not so tough to say that my budget is limited so i am finding it difficult to select the product I want.  I ve been an ardent fan of this statement till two days back.  Through out my life i had a very small budget for buying things even though my eye would look higher.  But now i have a very good number as my budget but still i face the same problem.. May be even now i am looking higher for the budget i have.  But i know that its not the case..

Problem of Plenty
Always there are two best options..

The electronic industry and gadgets has always been my passion and life right from my childhood, starting from inspirng to get a Red Wolf Arm gadget for Gaming in my school days.  Now i am looking for a Camera – high end and wow god, how many choices and what a variety.. but again.. its starts with excitement and continuous with confusion..   When i entered the kodak world all i could see is the excitement like a child in myself because for the first time i felt that i have a budget thats worth buying anything thats going to be on the shelf.  And i would be proud to tell my budget when the shopkeeper asks me for that.. But, all i could see is the same set of reaction when i see that the person shopping next to me has higher budget than me and so all cool gadgets are being lined in front of him.

Still not clear how in life i would reach a point where i would get the day where i could avoid such situation of someone standing right next to me with higher budget for purchase than me.  Withstanding this, i proceeded to get the lists of crieteria that i put forth for my product selection.. To my surprise i could really filter the status to 3 brands.. And of which one i already possess which i am not that interested in.  Ofcourse i could line with two most famous brand to what i know from my photographic reading.  Cannon and Nikonsdf..   Oh my god, what a range of technology and what kind of options those has.. i was stunned initially to see the Cannon EOS 1DS.. amazing.. it went for few min. till the Nikon D300 came.. man. what a piece.. again in spite of excitement, the state of confusion again begun..   All i could do end of that session is to be open to the shopkeeper how confused i am and promised him that i would decide and get back to the same shop for the purchase.

Excitement to confusion took just 10 min.. but confusion still prevails.. i dropped this line in Facebook.  Thanks to few of my friends who suggested few ideas.. I also spoke to one of my photographer friend.. He invited me to his studio and i went to his studio this morning.. Amazing to see my friend having his own sophisticated photo shoot house..   He explained me all of Nikon’s model that he has and also showed me the D300 version and the shots taken from that.. i have kind of fell in love with that model by then..   Thanks to Renie for showing another link that actually gave me few more option to see and evaluate before i finalise.. But to me i think i am left with 1 brand – “Nikon” for the purchase..

I hope that my next visit to the shop would make me feel more clear in what i want and to choose the best of my selected brand..

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