Hidden Design Decision – “Fusiform Gyrus” Research in relevance to cognitive response

There are only few things in life that gets in our deepest imagination.  it can either be a photograph or a person or any situation that happens in life.  So whenever we reproduce an art or a design piece its expected that brain picks up relevancy from the history and interprets through the nerves and inturn gets the facial answer through its reaction and inturn points how the object or the design looks like.

The main decision maker on this is the “Fusiform Gyrus” – this can be defined as “The fusiform gyrus is part of the temporal lobe. It is also known as the (discontinuous) occipitotemporal gyrus. [1] Other sources have the fusiform gyrus above the occipitotemporal gyrus and underneath the parahippocampal gyrus” as wikipedia explains.  But mostly for us we can take this as the piece

Lets probably take a small example of how the visibility and relevancy works for this medical concept can be used for the marketing aspects of our research.  As you would know, Fusiform Gyrus is responsible the following functions

  1. Processing Colour information
  2. Face and body recognition
  3. word recognition
  4. number recognition
  5. within category identification

By this means, that this is the part of the brain thats being used for all the decision making factor while we are talking about layouts or structure or face or any image or appearance based structuring.  this is the part which comprehends and work with lots of other nerves in brain that would decide the user or the clients impression about design.  At this point the medical phenomenon now becomes a very valid input to the marketing world.  So everytime the “Fusiform Gyrus” sends signals to the decision making motor nerves on things that the eye sees in positive way, the brain gives a positive or convincing result for the design.

Abstract design
The hidden decision maker

We can now call this as the birth of a new realistic thinking of actual quantification of human interpretation towards the design.  All the days of perception and psychological aspects of analysis should be now put on back seat.  We must grow with the science and we must grow the way we get a real convincing results that could exactly factor the way the design is quantified and measured.

This analysis also can bring out the “Learned Paralysis” out of designers..  why do creative people talk about creativity block, why some designers cannot think out of box, why do people like clean layout and not a abstract throw of paints.. why does some has attraction towards some specific colours..

The actual strength of human analysis now lies in our own hands if we can quantify and interpret the action and equation of “Fusiform Gyrus” along with its other functions and features.. This is just a tip of an iceberg.. but its a great beginning for me.. i am sure my research would take a leap now in the direction where i can definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel..

Inspite of this, there are so many links that i manage to get through a vast research over the years on some related topic on influencing human behavious towards design or action for digital etc..   Combining those we might be able to get a new relevance to this mystic phenomenon.

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